Caregiver’s New Year’s Resolutions!

Created by

Cindy Laverty

I am not a huge advocate for New Year’s Resolutions mainly because we tend to set ourselves up for HUGE failure from the get-go. Resolving to lose 50 pounds or to get a new job or to stop smoking on a designated day really is a recipe for complete failure! And what comes from failure? Low self-esteem. And who needs that?

But in the case of family caregiving, I think setting some intentions coupled with resolve is very beneficial. If you make a decision to resolve to do even two or three of these things, your New Year will be off to a great start and you WILL see results, while also feeling better. You certainly don’t have to do all of these things on January 1st. You can add them throughout the year. Feel free to share this list with other family caregivers. Print it out and keep it with you. Read it frequently and just try to do some of these things. Above all…if you can’t do all of them…give yourself a break.

Caregiver New Year’s Resolutions!           

I resolve to do at least 1 thing to care for myself each and every day.

I resolve to stop worrying about things that I have no control over.

I resolve to provide great care for my loved one, but also, I resolve to not lose my life to caregiving.

I resolve to reach out to my friends and family once a week so that I maintain a connection with my support group.

I resolve to swallow my pride and ask for help when I need it, even if it feels uncomfortable to ask.

I resolve to be OK with not being a perfect caregiver.

I resolve to relax and accept that I am not a miracle worker.

I resolve to make boundary-setting a priority.

I resolve to accept that “NO” is an answer and it’s okay to say NO.

I resolve to nurture myself in small ways that reap big results.

I resolve to give my loved one the best of ME while keeping ME in tact.

I resolve to spend time “playing” at least once a week.

I resolve to stop doing so much and learn to bear witness.

I resolve to stop trying to control everything.

I resolve to honor my role as a caregiver each and every day; for I believe that only rare individuals step up and say YES to caregiving.

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